There are millions of pet-owning households worldwide. And the owners of our four-legged friends will join us at this point, because their health and happiness come first. So, what is the initial requirement for their healthy development and growth? We seem to hear you mention that the quality of the food and the fact that it is made in sanitary conditions are important. When we pay greater attention to the composition of what we eat individually in recent years, we can’t help but exhibit the same concern for our beloved friends.

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Our pets’ food is manufactured and precisely designed in a variety of forms, ranging from dry food to wet food to freeze-dried alternatives. The production of pet food is comparable to that of human food, with tight laws and cleanliness processes in place to assure product safety.

How is pet food made? How are sanitary conditions for production ensured? Let’s look at what should be regarded during the pet food manufacturing procedure.

  1. Reliable Supplier – Reliable Raw Material

The initial stage in this process is to obtain high-quality raw materials from reputable sources. Traceability of raw materials is also critical. Furthermore, pet food manufacturing facilities should be frequently examined for the presence of specific microorganisms and metals during the manufacturing process.

  1. Proper Content Storage

When making pet food, raw materials must be stored separately from finished goods. Storing products with various shelf temperatures separately decreases not just the chance of contamination, but also the risk of bacterial growth. Storage spaces and containers should be tightly sealed to prevent product deterioration or the attraction of rats and insects.

  1. Proper Labeling

Materials and products must be correctly labeled in addition to being stored in the appropriate areas and containers. To conveniently track shelf life, labels should include production dates as well as ingredients.

Pet Food
  1. Design of Pet Food Manufacturing Facilities

Pet food manufacturing facilities should be designed with sanitary equipment, enough handwashing stations, and healthy airflow to keep pets healthy and workers safe.

You can contact us if you wish to set up a pet food manufacturing factory. We, GEO Tekno and GEO Proses, are with you in our factory in zmir ili AOSB, with our professional engineer staff and 25 years of experience in establishing a turnkey facility. GEO manages your turnkey facilities from the beginning, manufacturing, installing, and commissioning the equipment. By remaining with you after the commissioning, GEO has chosen the slogan of developing not just a customer-business relationship, but also a lasting business friendship.

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