Designed For Your Process

GEO brand drum heating furnaces are specially designed and manufactured based on the requirements of your process. It has a wide barrel capacity from 4 to 32. It offers a wide range of options with its single-chamber or multi-chambered, one- or two-layer production options, and also saves space with its multi-storey production option.

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Full Automation

GEO barrel heating furnaces can be equipped with PLC control panel and HMI display with full automation for process control, reporting, process monitoring and also management of alarm conditions.

Process Safety and Energy Efficiency

Chemical barrel heating furnaces have ATEX certified design options for flammable and explosive work sites, and they are manufactured in an energy-safe, energy-efficient structure with fully proportional, homogeneous heating and condensate collection.

The heating options of GEO barrel heating furnaces includes systems such as electric heating, open steam heating, and steam coils.

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Other Industrial Solutions For Your Process

GEO Barrel Heating Ovens are commonly used in below processes.
You can select your own process below in order to check out other related GEO solutions: