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Technologically improved, high-quality products

GEO adds value to its products through continuous improvement by using advanced technologies and delivers "cost effective, energy-efficient and durable" products which are tested thoroughly according to up-to-date international quality standards.

Unique productive solutions for your investments

Since its establishment, GEO has offered numerous creative and efficient solutions for industrial investments. To help you leverage your company, GEO approaches each project with a business philosophy underlining “uniqueness” and “excellence”.

Our success is based on cooperation

One of the unique values making GEO your desired partner is its focus on communication and cooperation. GEO is deeply aware that success can only be achieved through mutual appreciation and recognition. Acknowledging the dignity of each team member is crucial for our lasting productivity.

Groups of GEO

Our success in various sectors including food, chemical, packaging and mining is based on our departments’ cooperation

With more than 25 years of experience and up-to-date technological developments, our Project and Contracting unit is providing turn-key facility contracting service. GEO Proses provides installation, assembly and after commissioning maintenance services to its customers and make the process easy and reliable for them. Customer satisfaction always comes first for GEO’s all departments.

With years of experienced and qualified engineers, it provides a strong engineering and project technology based services to the sectors it serves. Production & Development based strong commitment to financial resources is integrated with quality-control. GEO allocates significant resources to Production & Development studies.

Since the very beginning of its foundation, GEO’s prior aim has been to globalize with its high quality and cost effective products. And GEO takes globalization not only in terms of sale but also purchasing some parts in European standards.

We are carrying out a service network that provides uninterrupted technical support and on-site solutions to the production and installation of energy facilities after the operation, which extends to manufacturing and assembly works in compliance with international standards.

Corporate Policies

Our quality is our sustainability. Our products are of good quality because;

  • We choose our materials carefully, specific to the tasks and processes.
  • We control our products’ quality on every stage of production.
  • We make our productions accordingly European standards.

That’s why we have been on stage getting stronger for over 25 years.

  • We care our employees’ health and safety therefore we improve our processes to manage the risk effectively
  • We organize our work area accordingly zero accident principle
  • We are commited to increase performance and productivity of our company
  • We care the natural resources and the environment so we use energy efficiently and give importance to recycling
  • We act to minimize our carbon footprints

Since the very beginning of our foundation we are very aware of that happy people create a happy wokplace. We know that the productivity is at the highest level in a company when employees are satisfied. In order to create a “great place to work”;

  • We encourage our employees to develop their personal and occupational skills
  • We promote sustainable high performances
  • We are honest and transparent to each other
  • We respect to each other
  • We encourage our employees to take initiatives
  • We appreciate young talents besides people with years of experience
  • In GEO, there is no place for discrimination

That’s why GEO has many dynamic people working for long time.

We are strongly attached to the principle that each human from every socio economic class has right to make self-existence participating in social education and production processes. For this purpose, as GEO family we make contributions to disadvantageous groups. Also, we believe that happy society is possible with art, sports and science so we try to make our contributions so we support people dealing with these branches.

  • We give scholarships to the students that they do not have equal opportunities
  • We give supports to women who are violence victims
  • We contribute to renewable energy, we respect to nature
  • We use our bicycles as much as possible instead of cars for transportation, we try to minimize our carbon footprints
  • We are supporters of sportspeople
  • We give our contributions to poets, writers and artists
  • We make cultural trips regularly as GEO Family

Company Timeline

From Past to Present
Layer 1

GEO was established in BURSA in 1993 after more than 10 years of experience on project contracting. The company moved its headquarters to Izmir in 1997 and was restructured in 1999.

Layer 1
Works in the energy sector and mechanical installations
Layer 1
Taking parts in NATO and BOTAŞ Projects
Layer 1
Developing by becoming a private company
Layer 1
Restructuring as part of the institutionalization process
Layer 1
Establishing industrial facilities for chemical, food, textile sectors
Layer 1
Industrial solutions for mining, automotive, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, packaging sectors