For Healthier Processes

Hygiene is as important as clean water. The more vital water is for living things, the more vital it is for your process to meet your hygiene needs.

With its design and workmanship quality, GEO is proud to present you the latest thermotechnical requirements and international hygiene standards which won’t allow the growth of foreign microorganisms harmful to your process

High Quality, Competitive Price

GEO offers its hygienic stainless steel storage tanks to its customers at low cost and competitive prices with its long-lasting structure and high quality required for sensitive processes such as milk, drinking water, chemical storage, fermentation and pasteurization.

Гигиенические резервуары для хранения
Гигиенические резервуары для хранения

Special Design for Your Process

GEO stainless storage tanks are tailor-made, specially designed and manufactured, taking into account the needs of your process, equipping them with the appropriate dimensions and necessary equipment and modules. As with all GEO manufacturing, on-site assembly, commissioning and CE certification services are provided if desired.

Other Industrial Solutions For Your Process

GEO Hygienic Storage Tanks are commonly used in below processes.
You can select your own process below in order to check out other related GEO solutions: