Heating and drying processes of chemical products, finished and semi-finished products are carried out in industrial drying ovens specifically designed for these processes. High precision ovens used for dehumidifying, curing and drying in the materials are used frequently in the chemical industry as well as in the food industry.

Drying Ovens Designed With Efficient Production In Mind

Drying ovens manufactured by GEO Tekno are specially designed according to the needs of your process and the features of your product. Efficient use of the heat energy combined with solutions that reduce your costs while increasing your production capacity is our signature.

Industrial chemical dryers, just like GEO barrel heating furnaces, are manufactured with the use of our engineering experiences of years in the chemical industry, with a focus on quality and performance.

Fan and design parameters selected according to the production capacity and duration are calculated specially for you, with our special solutions that increase the efficiency of air circulation.

Chemical dehumidification and drying ovens
Бочка нагревательная печь
An example of a GEO drying oven

For Safe, Healthy Industrial Processes

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In the production lines of fine and sensitive products, security and precision come first.

We offer solutions that minimize the risk of fire and explosion in dehumidification, curing or drying processes at high temperatures. Whether the material to be dried is in granule or other form, GEO Tekno furnaces offer reliable solutions for your process.

Our furnaces, which are designed by keeping quality and process safety at the forefront, can be delivered for your flammable and explosive workspace as ATEX certified and in accordance with EU directives.

How Do We Offer High Quality At Affordable Prices?

Thanks to GEO’s contracting, manufacturing and engineering experience of over 25 years in the chemical and food industries, there is a good chance that our team knows your process as well as you do. This is why we are able to deliver the best solutions at competitive prices for our customers.

Chemical product drying ovens with its easy to clean structure and minimum maintenance requirements can significantly reduce your costs.

With fully proportional, homogeneous heating, easy loading and innovative design approaches, you will find the specific drying oven solution suitable for your process in GEO.

Other Industrial Solutions For Your Process

GEO Chemical Product Drying Ovens are commonly used in below processes.
You can select your own process below in order to check out other related GEO solutions: