State-Of-Art Tanks, For The Fermentation Art

People have been practicing the art of fermentation since the beginning of civilization. It can even be claimed that fermentation contributes to the development of civilization. In the early ages of civilization, after discovering fermentation, people moved to settled life and provided regular supply of raw materials required for this process.

Fermentation is the process that makes it possible to have many products, including kimchi in Korea, Sauerkraut in Germany, Italian prosciutto, wine and of course, beer.

The fact that the fermentation process has such a long history has caused process specialization over time. Today, fermentation tanks and equipments are designed specifically for the requirements and ideal conditions of the fermentation process. Such applications fulfill both full hygiene and highest efficiency standards.

Quality in Fermentation

GEO’s hygienic stainless fermentation tanks promise high efficiency, long life and quality at international hygiene standards to your process systems.

You will be amazed by the quality of GEO tanks equipped with pressurized, vacuumed, non-pressurized, cylindrical, oval, nitrogen jacks, with fermentation equipment you need in appropriate capacities and sizes.

Other Industrial Solutions For Your Process

GEO Fermentation Tanks are commonly used in below processes.
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