For Semi-Products and Raw Materials

Silos and bunkers are needed in many sectors, especially mining and cement. Conical, rectangular or circular bunkers, storage silos are often used for all kinds of dust, granules and dry legumes of the industry. GEO silos that can be manufactured at tens of meters height and our low cost, high strength bunkers designed specially for our needs are among the solutions that our customers rely on semi-products and raw materials.


Whether made of stainless steel, carbon steel, or any other material, all GEO silos and bunkers are tailored to your process in accordance with the capacity, strength and environmental conditions you need in your process. The product you get is designed exclusively for your process, so it will be the most affordable solution that does not compromise on the quality you need.

In Every Capacity

In order to meet the demands of its customers, GEO constantly increases its manufacturing capacity in terms of quantity and size. Regardless of whether it is 250 liters or 250 tons, GEO can respond to every silo and bunker requests from its customers.

Long Lasting

Another benefit of GEO’s over 25 years of experience is that it has an expert staff and a strong know-how database that can stand behind the services it offers to its customers. The manufacturing quality of GEO brand silos and bunkers will not let you down. It lasts longer than its competitors for many years.

Other Industrial Solutions For Your Process

GEO Silos and Bunkers are commonly used in below processes.
You can select your own process below in order to check out other related GEO solutions: