Do you wish to turn freshly gathered seasonal fruits into highly sweet dried fruits while retaining their fresh aroma?

So let’s take a closer look at what you should know about infusion plants.

1. Infusion Plant Process Steps
The infusion plant allows freshly picked fruits to be dried by osmotic dehydration by immersing them in a highly concentrated syrup. While the color and flavor of the fruits that are dried by brewing preserves the freshness of the first day, they do not need any preservatives and sweeteners. The process steps of this facility can be summarized as follows;
2. Food Product Usage Areas Processed with the Infusion Facility
Dried fruits with a rich and deep flavor are commonly used in modern cuisine applications. In the food sector, where fast-moving consumer goods are developing and diversifying, customers' preference for organic products is growing by the day. As a result, different investment opportunities in the food business have emerged. The areas of the food sector that can be served as a result of the infusion facility investment include: 
3. Which Products Can Be Processed With the Infusion Plant?
Almost all fruits can benefit from the management of fruit drying immersed in high-concentration syrup (osmotic dehydration). Because of the infused drying that you will use in many items, you may extend the consumption life of the fruits in their natural flavor without sweetening or adding sugar. You can infuse drying with the following products:
CherrySour CherryPlum
GojiGolden StrawberryMelon
4. The Benefits of Infused Dried Fruits
GEO Infusion Facility is built and commissioned with user-friendly technology and equipment to make production easier for you. The most significant advantage is that it maximizes your company's efficiency during the production phase. Furthermore, the benefits of brewed dried fruit manufacturing due to the infusion facility are as follows:
5. Infusion Plant Equipment Integration
Other equipment in your production area that you will want to add to the infusion facility in order to get the most out of your business. GEO has more than 25 years of experience in project design, engineering, plant and process equipment production in the food sector, as well as many other industries. The engineering team analyzes your production expectations and demands in the best way possible, thanks to GEO's facility experience, and provides integrated solutions for you.
GEO R&D creates custom designs and projects for you to achieve the best results for your infusion facility requirements. By developing a fully automated-robotic infusion facility, GEO will help you maximize your profit and market share while minimizing your costs. Furthermore, GEO promises that integrated solutions such as automation and drying oven will add value to your infusion facility.
We focus on our customers' demands, create them, produce them, and put them to use using our unique techniques and experience. We boost your market strength in the food business.

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