sweeteners in the food sector

The first thing we should start when talking about sweeteners in the food sector is the notion that has entered the lives of each of us in recent years; “sustainability”. And then there’s “sugar,” which many of us try to avoid as much as possible. We’re all aware that when we talk about sugar, we usually mean refined and white sugars. So, what can we do to substitute the refined sugar we want to avoid? How can we ensure that it is healthy and long-lasting? Many artificial sweeteners may match our sugar needs, but the safety of these synthetic substances is debatable. Some study even suggests that it is not completely absorbed by the body. Individually, it may not be too difficult to locate refined sugar replacements for artificial sweeteners, such as dates, agave syrup, honey (if you are not vegan), and so on.

So, how will the pastry, bakery, chocolate, and confectionery sectors find sugar alternatives that are affordable, nutritious, and sustainable? This is where the fruits enter the picture. Many fruits, including apples, pears, strawberries, and apricots, that have no flavor or freshness issues but are unsold or overproduced, can be used in the sweetener industry (for more, you can check out our 5 Things You Should Know About GEO Infusion Plant).

sweeteners in the food sector

The advantages of converting surplus fruit into a sweetener in the food industry can be listed as follows;

It is quite simple to manufacture sweeteners produced from fruit, which we anticipate will be much more popular in the next years, with facilities that do not require large investments. Contact us if you want to make a natural, environmentally beneficial, and long-term investment in the food industry. With our professional engineer personnel and 25 years of turnkey facility establishment experience, GEO Tekno & GEO Proses are on your side. GEO manages your turnkey facilities from the beginning, manufacturing, installing, and commissioning the equipment. By remaining with you after the commissioning, GEO has chosen the slogan of developing not just a customer-business relationship, but also a lasting business friendship.

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