Dating back thousands of years, molasses is a very beneficial food for human health. When we look at its history, it has been determined that it emerged in Anatolia and its surrounding geography.. People in Anatolia have made molasses from anything with sugar in it.  The most important known reason for the emergence of molasses is the desire of people to benefit from its nutritional value for a long time without wasting excess fruit.

By definition, molasses is a sweet and thick syrup obtained by boiling the juice of fruits such as grapes, mulberries, carob and beetroot.

What are the Benefits of Molasses?

Because of its high sugar content, molasses is a rich source of carbs. It is also advised that pregnant women and patients in the healing process consume it. Vitamins A, B and C are found in all types of molasses. Vitamin E is found only in carob. The benefits of molasses are summarized below;

What are the Types of Molasses?

The main types of molasses are; Grape Molasses, Mulberry Molasses, Carob (Harnup) Molasses, Juniper Molasses and Beet Molasses.

Things to Know When Establishing a Molasses Production Facility

Molasses, which was produced using traditional methods in Turkey until 1954, has since been produced in sophisticated factories in response to rising consumer demand.When establishing a molasses production facility, the focus is on working with a company that has experience in manufacturing and facility establishment. It is vital for this and similar food businesses to work with a company that will be with you in all processes from the conceptionof the facility until the first product is ready for packaging, and will transfer its knowledge and experience to you with its quality equipment.

This is where GEO can help you with the engineering, equipment and experience you need.

We can summarize the features that should be in a molasses production facility in 4 articles for you.

  1. Choosing the Proper Fruit

You should take care that the fruit you produce molasses from is natural, without pesticides and artificial fertilizers.Otherwise, the quality of the molasses you will produce will decrease at this rate.

  1. Quality Equipment

The equipment you use must be of world-class quality and durable. At this point, the choice that should not be compromised should be in favor of stainless steel. Another important reason for using stainless steel in food businesses is that it “does not give flavor to the food it comes into contact with”. Also, ease of cleaning is one of the advantages that make stainless steel attractive. With more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing and installing stainless steel process equipment, GEO is at your side to provide you with quality equipment.

  1. Providing Hygiene Conditions

One of the  most significant considerations in Molasses Production Facilities is the cleanliness and sterilization of the enterprise. Easy-to-clean machinery and equipment play a major role in hygiene. With GEO’s CIP (Cleaning In Place) equipment, you can clean machines quickly and easily. This saves time and costs. For detailed information about GEO CIP products, you can read our blog post on

Also, hand washing stations should not be forgotten for the hygiene of the personnel.

  1. Availability of Clean Water Sources

It is necessary to rinse with water more than once to separate unwanted substances and coarse substances in the fruits. Therefore, it is important that the water used is clean.

You can contact us if you wish to set up a molasses factory. As GEO Tekno & GEO Proses, in our factory located in Izmir Cigli AOSB, we handle your turnkey facilities from the project stage with our experienced engineer staff, produce, install and commission your equipment.

By remaining with you after the commissioning, GEO has chosen the slogan of developing not just a customer-business relationship, but also a lasting business friendship.

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