How Do We Manage Covid-19

At the end of 2019, we were planning to participate in international fair organizations for 2020, shaking hands with our local and foreign customers, and hosting them in our meeting rooms. That time we were unaware that masks and disinfectants will have such a big and imperative place in our lives soon after 2020 starts.

As soon as Covid-19 manifested itself in our country, as GEO, we immediately took measures for our employees, customers and suppliers to prevent the spread of the virus. With everybody’s health in mind, we implemented work-from-home strategies for our employees. We have identified the critical teams to maintain operational continuity and we made contingency plans for each team. Face-to-face meetings have been mostly transferred to remote video calls.

Offices were cleaned daily. Masks and hand disinfectants were placed in corners accessible to our employees on each floor. The dining hall layout was arranged so that a certain number of people could enter at a time. The seating arrangement in personnel service vehicles has been adjusted to comply with the distance rules. As our suppliers are regularly checked, incoming materials were isolated and kept, and started to be used after 72 hours.

In addition to the physical and hygienic measures we have taken, it was our belief in unity that kept us alive as GEO throughout this whole process. This belief grew stronger as physical distances increased. We came out of this process by taking the lessons that humanity should take, thinking about the other before ourselves, and caring more for each other. This synergy has been reflected in both our customers and suppliers. For this reason, we can easily say that; we overcome the pandemic with our deepening customer relationships and increasing business. We believe that all companies put people and the globe in the center will come out of this process by deepening their roots like we do.

If you want to continue to the road with a companion who has combined engineering, design, manufacturing and contracting power with positive attitude and solidity like us, you can reach us through our phone, e-mail or social media accounts. We will be looking forward you to join our family of employees, customers and suppliers.


Maximized Healthcare Measures

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